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Home Mold Test Kits

Our home mold test kits are designed to give you realiable information regarding mold levels in your home. If you have determined that testing is the right step, then our tests kits are exactly what you need. If you're not sure if you need testing please read this information first.





Free Initial Consultation

Please contact us today to discuss your specific concerns or problems. In many cases we can provide you tips and recommendations without visiting your home or performing any tests. If on-site services are necessary we will give you a free quote over the phone. Just fill out our online information request form or give us a call at (651) 779-4300.


Need Air Quality or Mold Testing in your house?

Contact us directly at (651) 779-4300 to discuss the services you need. Or, if you know what you want you can simply order the services online and we'll contact you to schedule. Online Order Page.