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Indoor Air Quality Services

Air Quality Inspection & Testing Services

Our IAQ personnel specialize in the identification of difficult indoor air quality issues such as building-related illness and sick-building syndrome. We utilize use the most current investigative techniques and equipment to uncover the underlying problems causing poor indoor air quality. Our goal is to identify the problem as quickly and as inexpensively as possible so we can provide you a solution before the issue becomes a hazard or a public relations nightmare. We don't simply test the air - we solve your problems.

Indoor Environment Group is capable of responding to all indoor air quality issues including:

Mold, Bioaerosol & Moisture Investigations

A broad range of health problems, including infections and toxic effects, have been described as being related to mold exposures. As new buildings get tighter and old buildings start to leak, the potential for increased mold growth increases. Accordingly, mold has become a major challenge for building owners and managements. Indoor Environment can help reduce the problems associated with mold thanks to our team of qualified individuals that are able to address the full spectrum of fungal and moisture problems in a coordinated manner.

Our experience in mold investigation allows us quickly assess the location and extent of problems. Many of our mold investigations entail only a visual examination of the facility. Sampling and testing activities are performed only in cases where the location or extent of the mold contamination are not evident. We will identify not only where the mold and water damage are present but we will also tell you how it got there and how to prevent it from coming back.

Residential IAQ Services

Indoor Environment Group provides a wide range of services specially designed to identify and correct air quality related problems in your home. Our experience will ensure that your home is, and remains to be, home sweet home.

Building Commissioning

Building commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring that a building performs in accordance with the design intent, contract documents, and the owner's operational needs. Due to the sophistication of building designs and the complexity of building systems constructed today, commissioning is necessary, but not automatically included as part of the typical design and construction process. Commissioning is critical for ensuring that the design developed through the whole-building design process is successfully constructed and operated.

Although commissioning originally was created to ensure that HVAC systems were properly specified and installed, this process can be applied to virtually any building system including Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems. While the focus was originally on system operation, experience throughout the country has shown that properly commissioning HVAC and control systems can result in significant energy savings and also produce other benefits such as reduced buildings operations problems and improved occupant comfort.

Indoor Environment Group can assemble a cooperative commissioning team to help you create effective, efficient, high performance buildings.

LEED Certification

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System® is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. USGBC's members, representing every sector of the building industry, developed and continue to refine LEED. LEED recognizes achievements and promotes expertise in green building through a comprehensive system offering project certification, professional accreditation, training and practical resources. Indoor Environment Group can provide assistance during every step from cost-benefit analysis to the application submittal process.

Remediation Project Design and Management Services

Already know what your problem is? We can help you get rid of it. Our design and management services can help in the abatement, remediation or clean-up of a wide range of contaminants included, but not limited to:

Indoor Environment Group has the expertise and technical resources to design the most cost-efficient remediation approaches by combining our ability to complete a thorough risk assessment and our knowledge of state-of-the art remediation and removal work practices. Our project designers understand the full range of remediation technologies and often combine technologies and services in synergistic effective total site solutions. In many cases we have convinced regulators that our approaches are more cost effective and have produced better results at lower costs.

Our services don't stop at design. We can assist you in every phase of the project including contractor selection, project scheduling and coordination, remediation project management and project closeout.

Indoor Air Quality Management Programs

Indoor Air Quality Management Programs provide an outline for establishing and maintaining acceptable indoor air quality in your facility. Each program is written specifically for the target facility and is designed to meet all requirements of the proposed OSHA standard for Indoor Air Quality. More importantly, however, your program will help reduce or even prevent Indoor Air Quality issues in your facility.

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