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Residential IAQ Services

Standard Residential IAQ Investigations

The Air Quality in our schools, factories and office buildings has received increasing attention in the past few years from scientists, engineers, regulatory groups, and the public. Traditionally, it has been assumed that people were protected from air pollution when at home. However, recent research has shown that this is not necessarily true. More and more we are finding that the air in homes may be causing numerous health problems, especially for the young, aged and health-compromised.

A number of factors can contribute to the overall quality of the air in your home. Everything from the products you use, the food you prepare, the furniture you buy and even the quality of your house itself can have an impact on the air you breathe. Indoor Environment Group can help ensure that that air is healthy. Our Standard Residential IAQ investigations are designed to identify and correct indoor air quality problems without performing excessive sampling activities.  If there are any problems in your home we are going to find them - and without wasting your money on tests that you don't need.

Our initial services normally include, but are not limited to the following:

Air Quality Investigation options and pricing can be found on our Order Services Page.

Upon completion of the sampling activities, a report will be provided that will include a summary of the investigation and our findings, sample results for all tests with interpretation of the contaminants detected. The report will also outline a strategy for the remediation of the identified or suspected problem or problems.  This strategy may include remediation activities, HVAC modification activities or, if the exact problem has not yet been identified, additional testing recommendations.  Cost estimates are provided for all recommended remediation or testing activities.

Our investigations are designed to give you exactly what you need....straight answers - not lab data and disclaimers. We want your house to truly be your home sweet home.

Mold Testing and Investigations

Indoor Environment Group approaches residential microbial investigations with one goal - identify all mold growth in the house. We're not in your house to test visible mold, we're there to find the stuff you can't see.

We start our investigations with a visual inspection of the entire home for signs of mold as well as moisture or water intrusion. Primary areas of concern include basements, attics, bathrooms, ventilation systems and the building envelope. We will also look at exterior factors that may contribute to mold growth such as drainage and roofing systems.

Moisture testing is performed throughout the house to detect areas that may be at risk of mold growth to help us identify areas of existing contamination and to help you prevent future mold problems.

Depending upon the situation, we'll collect a variety of samples to help up determine the level or extent of mold growth. These Laboratory based tests including air and surface samples are collected in any area where we suspect that mold is present. The number, type and location of the these samples varies dramatically depending up the conditions we find.

We don't just limit our investigation to existing mold growth either. Indoor Environment Group employs a combination of sophisticated techniques and state of the art equipment to investigate sources of mold and bacterial growth and their byproducts, as well as other bioaerosols, such as animal and insect allergens and even volatile organic compounds (chemicals) and nuisance dust.

Examples of common tests include:

Mold testing options and pricing can be found on our Order Services Page.

We then provide you a comprehensive report upon completion of our investigation. In the report we address the hazards associated with mold, which is a critical step in assessing risk, because the mere presence of microorganisms does not constitute a human health hazard. We will also outline the services provided, the specific findings and our recommendations for both eliminating any existing problems identified and for preventing future problems.

Remediation Design and Project Management

If we do find mold in your home we can help you get rid of it as well. Our professionals can prepare a remediation work plan based on our findings that will provide clear and concise direction for the remediation work. This document will help you or your contractor ensure that the mold remediation is conducted properly by identifying the safest and most effective approach to eliminate mold and prevent mold from reoccurring.

Many problems can be corrected safely and easily if the proper precautions are taken. Our work plan will not only provide a list of the steps necessary for the removal or treatment of the mold but will also tell you how to protect yourself and your family during remediation activities.

We can also help you find reputable contractors for larger projects or when you don't have the time or desire to perform the work yourself. We can recommend contractors that will be specifically suited to your project needs or we can even request qoutes from a number of contractors for you.

Indoor Environment can also provide monitoring and oversight services during the remediation project to ensure that remediation activities are performed according to the specifications. Oversight activities can entail anything from periodic inspections of the work site to full-time on-site management of the remediation activities. Our experience with mold remediation projects can be an invaluable asset during this phase of the project.

We're here to provide the help you need - whether its a little advise or comprehensive project management services.

Clearance Testing

Finally, Indoor Environment Group can develop and implement clearance testing and follow-up monitoring programs to prevent future problems and to ensure that affected areas were properly addressed.

Our clearance investigations are designed to ensure that remediation activities have been successfully completed and that the risk of regrowth is minimal. Indoor Environment offers two options for microbial remediation clearance:

Our standard mold clearance investigations include the following services:

Visual inspection - a surface by surface investigation that looks for signs of fungal growth, water damage, dust or debris. We also ensure that surfaces have been treated with the appropriate solutions where applicable.

Moisture testing - we check all exposed surfaces and adjacement materials to ensure that moisture levels are low and ready for re-construction activities.

Microbial sampling - collection of air and/or surface samples to determine mold levels in the work area. Outdoor samples are collected for comparison. Most air sampling involves the collection of non-viable samples to allow for quick laboratory turnaround although viable samples can be collected if requested.

Clearance certification is provided only if all phases of the investigation meet our standard clearance criteria or project specific requirement. Verbal confirmation of clearance is usually available within 24 hours of sample collection (non-viable) with written confirmation within an additional 24 hours. Confirmation on viable sample analysis may take up to 12 days from sample collection.

Free Initial Consultation

Please contact us today to discuss your specific concerns or problems. In many cases we can provide you tips and recommendations without visiting your home or performing any tests. If on-site services are necessary we will give you a free quote over the phone. Just fill out our online information request form or give us a call at (651) 779-4300.


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