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Minnesota Mold Inspections

Indoor Environment Group is a full service air quality and mold testing company based in the Twin Cities.

Our Minnesota based mold inspectors provide on-call mold testing services 7 days a week. Our personnel have been performing air quality testing services and mold investigations for over 20 years. We have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, ethics and premium customer service. Because of this, we have become one of the most trusted mold inspection companies in the country. Having completed hundreds of mold inspections and mold remediation projects throughout the Midwest, our professional staff is experienced in handling projects ranging from small residential homes to corporate, commercial and industrial facilities.

We have the resources, equipment and expertise to help you with your mold testing needs. Our inspections are quick and efficient. We know that you want fast, accurate results in order to respond to your mold issues as quickly and as effectively as possible. We don't just test - we SOLVE PROBLEMS!

Indoor Environment Group does not provide mold removal, remediation or treatment services. We believe that testing and remediation firms should be independent to prevent conflict of interest. Simply put, we are not going to "find" problems that aren't there. We do, however, have an extensive network or reputable contractors that we work with should you need mold remediation, ventilation or demolition services.

Our initial mold inspection services normally include, but are not limited to the following:

Inspection options and pricing can be found on our Order Services Page.

Once we complete your investigation and receive lab results, we will provide you a report that will include:

Our investigations are designed to give you exactly what you need....straight answers - not lab data and disclaimers.

pre-purchase mold inspection


Commercial Mold Investigations - For more information on our office, commercial, public and industrial mold testing and inspections please click here to visit our Commercial Mold Investigations Page.

Residential Mold Investigations - For more information on our home mold testing and inspections please click here to visit our Residential Mold Investigations Page.