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Mold Testing Services & Products

Indoor Environment Group, Inc. offers a number of mold testing options for buildings in St. Paul, Minneapolis and throughout the Midwest.

Not sure what option you need? Call our customer service department at (651) 779-4300.

Mold Inspection & Testing

Do you need to know where the mold is and what to do about it? Our mold inspections are designed specifically to provide you the information you need. If you have mold we'll find it and we'll tell you how it got there, how to get rid of it and how to prevent it from coming back.

Service options:

We offer a variety of Mold Testing and Inspection Services specifically designed for the type of building you are in. Please select from the following categories for more information on mold testing services:

Home Mold test kits

Don't know if it's mold? We have put together the best kits on the market to allow you to test on your own. These are the same methods used by Indoor Environment Group and other leading mold professionals. Don't waste your money on the cheap hardware store tests that tell you nothing. If you need good information - you need a good test kit.

Home mold test kit options:

View all our mold test kit options HERE.

Mold Consulting and test

Do you already know you have mold but just aren't sure what to do about it? We're here to help. Let us know what the situation is and we'll give let you know what your options are for removing existing mold and preventing future growth.

Consulting options:

View all our consulting services options HERE.



Onsite mold testing services are available thoughout the Midwest through our St. Paul office. We offer same day service within the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area.

Our full service area includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. We also provide clearance testing services throughout the Midwest.

mold test service area - Minnesota, North South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri

Not in our service area? Contact us for referrals to reputable inspections firms in your area!